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Launching and maintaining a legal entity that is exempt is difficult.

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The Light House is shared space!

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Incorporation paperwork and attaining 501(c)3 tax exempt status is now complete with the help of the Community Development Law Clinic at the UNC School of Law. A little over two years old, 2017 was an exciting start, and 2018 was full of promise and success.


Renovation of the house is complete! It is looking beautiful.  Our next steps will involve cosmetic improvements, and engineering drawings meant to optimize exterior design to include parking, and perimeter landscaping per city ordinance.


Our first two years have been better than imagined! The ideas for the usage of the house has been cemented and our community engagement work is achieving great results. With strong progress to celebrate, our work is looking great!


While much of the projects are revenue centers in the long run, we need the community’s support to build up the staff necessary. To contribute today, visit the “Contribute…” page.

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