Ibraheem Khalifa



Alumn of NCSU’s engineering college and UNC’s business school, has a keen interest in community youth development.

Yezen Hamad



Entrepreneur with a focus on strategic development. Background in Commercial Real Estate and sustainable community organizing.

Nadia Khan



With an education in nonprofit management, she leads with authority and love.

Rida Fatima



A graduate of the masters accounting program at NCSU, has a knack for numbers and her community.

Farris Barakat

Executive Director


Driven personality with a community orientated outlook on development and progress.

The honor is ours.

As a team we are sincerely ecstatic about this project. Not only does this project allow us to further our own aspirations for a better world, it also allows us to solidify a meaningful and well thought out approach to furthering the legacies of Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha, and Razan Abu-Salha:

Growing up in America has been such a blessing. And although in some ways I do stand out, such as the hijab I wear on my head, the head covering, there are still so many ways that I feel so embedded in the fabric that is, you know, our culture. – Yusor Abu-Salha

…their legacy lives on.