February 10th, 2016

Day of Light: On the Path to Resilience

Faced with the darkness of a tragedy, America responds with resilience and light.




5 pm

Speaking out.

Press Conference

For more information contact NC State University news services.


Celebrate. Reflect.


Coming together, again. NCSU Campus @ 6pm.



Award Ceremony

Allow us to recognize our brightest. Tarboro Rd Community Center (across the street to the Light House).

Explore: Is Darkness equal to Light?

The Quran equates light with guidance and enlightenment, and asks “Is darkness equal to light?” (13:16).

The Day of Light is a day uniting all people to embody our shared values of unity, resilience towards good, and dignity. This year’s official Day of Light events include a press conference that will again give a voice to the families of Deah, Yusor, and Razan, and an evening award ceremony celebrating beacons of light in our local community.

Furthermore, the Light House Project has partnered with North Carolina State University on the Our Three Winners Memorial: A Day of Light at 6pm.

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What is #ForwardWithFaith?

Involve your organization in a testimony of unity and resilience. Use #ForwardWithFaith as you work to embody our shared values.

fear pushes you back. faith moves you forward.

#ForwardWithFaith events:

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