What is “The Light House”?

We Love To Work & We Love Where We Work

The Light House, named after “Deah” which translates from Arabic as meaning “light”, is the icon of this project. The house was owned by Deah Barakat then inherited by his parents upon his murder; it was a rental property that allowed him a step towards financial independence. Now we intend to use the house to further his legacy, and in furtherance of Deah’s wishes to one day support the youth with their projects. To fulfill Deah’s dream, we operate an incubator for faith based programs targeting the youth. Think of it as a really cool shared office space for many local community programs targeting youth.

The bottom floor of the Light House will host a creative commons, a welcoming living room, a kitchen, a multipurpose room, and a handicap accessible restroom. The top floor will be home to a large meeting room, a large office space dedicated to playing the role of an incubator for social entrepreneurship, a shared conference room, and a full bath. Across the street are the City of Raleigh’s Tarboro Community Center, and a teen center making the area a campus rich with potential and resources.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful Historic Downtown Raleigh

202 N Tarboro St, Raleigh, NC 27610

Phone: 1.919.578.3095

Current Incubator Programs

Triangle Muslim Professionals

Professional Development for Young Muslim Professionals

Triangle Muslim Professionals is a group of young professionals working to connect and provide programs for the professional development of other young professionals.

Triangle Muslim Aid

Local Community Service Organization

Triangle Muslim Aid offers countless volunteer opportunities and exemplifies Islamic principles through action.

Muslim Women For

Women Led Advocacy Organization

Muslim Women For is an advocacy organization that is both proactive and quick to stand up for what they believe in.

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