Notable Pursuits is a Light House Project original series, presented in the form of recurring episodes. Each episode showcases Muslims artists or luminaries who not only strive to pursue their talents, but pursue them notably – be it for charity, bringing awareness, or conveying a message. Their efforts are shared here, so as to inspire aspiring young Muslims.

Light House Project’s outdoor program Oak City Adventures has proven time and again how outdoor adventure programming can instill confidence, leadership, emotional intelligence, and a strong sense of identity and faith into their participants–qualities that are priceless for young Muslims trying to navigate today’s complicated and confusing world.

Creating bonds centered around sharing a meal.

A united movement by American Muslim leaders to collect and distribute food to the hungry. All in the memory of the #ChapelHillShooting victims. We feed their legacy by feeding our neighbors.

“Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim” -Prophet Muhammad (s)

The objective of SEEK is to institutionalize the training and development of Muslim youth to become leaders of tomorrow.