On February 10th, 2015, Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha, and Razan Abu-Salha were brutally murdered in a hate crime. Their deaths shook the local community and shockwaves were felt around the world. Their deaths left young Muslims in America feeling lost, scared, and heartbroken. Instead of responding with hate and darkness, the local community responded to this tragic event by providing a source of light for young Muslims and the community at large.

With inspiration from Deah, Yusor, and Razan’s work during their short lives, the Light House Project was born. The Light House Project provides a safe space physically by giving Muslims a place to meet and be open with their Muslim identity, and it provides a safe space for young Muslims by giving support to projects and programs that young Muslims want to pursue.

The Light House Project’s mission is to empower Muslim youth by giving them the resources and voice they need to achieve their goals and pursue their passions.